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We are here to continue the journey of many textile manufacturers who have established traditions in these industries between the two centuries. After a long journey MAK entered the 21st century as a modern company, with a closed production cycle including the production of fabrics and finished garments. The еfforts of the company are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, including reliability in terms of service, time frames, quality and consulting, which we achieve with the right selection of personnel, their training and motivation.


Our journey through the 21st century will continue with the sustainable development of the company and will always be based on the needs of the market, and the growing consumer demands.

Our goal is to become a global-minded and globally operating company, by constantly introducing new technologies, products and penetrating new market fields.

  • Traditions and Quality
  • Closed production
  • Mass production
  • Meeting deadlines
    for delivery
  • Competitive pricing
  • Environmental protection

About us

“MAK” AD is a vertically integrated company that produces raw fabrics, with production lines for finishing - dyeing and printing fabrics, with a variety of enrichment technologies, including – hydro/oleophobic coating, lamination, antibacterial finishing, flammability reduction, treatment against insects (mosquitoes) and etc. The cycle closes with the production of ready-to-wear garments like military and police uniforms, workwear of all kinds and leisure and sportswear.


The company has a complete production line for the preparation, weaving and finishing of all types of woven textiles: cotton and types of cotton fabrics in various blends with polyester, polyamide, 100% polyamide or polyester, in a wide range of weights starting from 70 g. / m2 to 400 g / m2, and various weaves - twill, satin, ripstop - finishing treatment of the fabrics as dyeing or printing. Highly durable dyes are used when printing camouflage patterns in the visible and near-infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Wide variety of finishing – hydro/oleo phobic coating, flammability reduction, antibacterial treatment against insects, polyurethane coating of fabrics. Two and three layer fabrics with breathable membrane: the inner layer is highly absorbent, allowing the skin to remain dry at all times; the middle layer has a porous membrane, that is approximately 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water and 700 times larger than the water molecule; the outer layer is waterproof and provides wind protection. All these features prevent water permeability while allowing the skin to breathe.


Thanks to long-term research and development, the company has a complete production line of various garments and equipment: Military, police, firefighter uniforms and uniforms for security companies. All kinds of work clothes, ballistic vests, tactical vests, sleeping bags, rain suits. Fire-resistant suits, bulletproof vests of various designs and weights and with different protection according to NIJ STD 0101.04


At MAK AD you can choose the composition, colors and model of your textile products or trust the models recommended by us. According to the needs of your business we can treat the matter ...



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