"MAK" PLC Management

According to the regulations of “MAK” AD, the company has a one-tier management system. The bodies of the joint stock company are the General Meeting of Shareholders and the Board of Directors.

General meeting of the shareholders

A general meeting of shareholders is held at least once a year at the registered office of the company. The regular General Meeting of Shareholders is held until the end of the first half of the year following the end of the accounting year.

The General Meeting of Shareholders is convened by the Board of Directors. A general meeting may also be convened at the request of shareholders holding at least 5 percent of the capital of the company.

The convocation of a General Meeting shall be carried out by an invitation announced in the Commercial Register and announced under the terms and procedures of the LAW ON PUBLIC OFFERING OF SECURITIES at least 30 thirty days before its opening.

Board of Directors

Dimitar Georgiev Bizhev - Chairman of the Board of Directors,

Yonko Borislavov Kostadinov - Executive Director

Alexander Robertov Tzankov - Independent Member of the Board of Directors




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