Corporate governance

Corporate governance

”MAK” AD considers good corporate governance to be a balanced relationship between the Company's governing bodies, its shareholders and all interested parties - employees, trading partners, creditors of the company, potential and future investors and the public.

In addition to the principles of advisory nature, “MAK” AD establishes a set of requirements for corporate governance, the observance of which is obligatory for the governing bodies of the Company, namely:

• Protection of shareholders' rights;
• Ensuring fair treatment of all shareholders, regardless of the number of shares held by them;
• Recognizing stakeholder rights and promoting cooperation between the company and stakeholders;
• Ensuring timely and accurate disclosure of information on all matters relating to the company, including the financial position, results, ownership and management of the company;
• Responsibilities of governing bodies

The Board of Directors of ”MAK” AD hold on to the Good Corporate Governance Program, which is in line with effective regulation, the internationally recognized standards for good corporate governance.

The corporate governance of “MAK” AD is also based on the rules and standards of the National Corporate Governance Code, the implementation of which helps to establish modern standards for corporate governance and provides greater transparency and understanding of the corporate governance system.



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